2018 BMW 3 Series – the Seventh Generation is Now on Sale

2018 bmw 3 series

2018 BMW 3 Series – the Seventh Generation is Now on Sale

The BMW 3 series was introduced to the public for the first time in 1975 and now the latest generation has come. Take a deeper look of the car’s specification, design, and features in this following article.

How Does It Look Like?

The overall design of this BMW 3 series is actually seen as an evolution, not revolution. You can easily recognize the G20 on this latest series of BMW. However, unlike the G20, this 3 series of BMW comes with sleeker taillights and headlights. Another thing that differentiates it from the G20 is the kidney grille that has a larger size. It results in the increase of the borderline unnoticeable size of the car.

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You can also immediately find out that the wheelbase implemented is slightly short. The interior design of the car is completed with a digital instrument cluster on the dashboard. It also has an infotainment screen with a quite large size. There are some choices of bold but elegant color that the customers can select. One of the nicest things about this 3 series is the existence of the extra legroom on the rear part of the car to give the passengers extra space. The CLAR platform implemented also allows the passengers to have better packaging compared to its siblings.

The Engine

This BMW 3 series is fully electric and comes with a closed-off grille. This will make it possible for the car to need no cooling system for the internal combustion engine. The vehicle is also powered by the three-cylinder engine to enable it to run faster.

Bmw 3 series engine

The 330e plug-in hybrid added to the car will also allow you to experience incredible speed ride. Despite the adding and growing more tech applied in the BMW car series, it reduces about 121 pounds of its weight (55 kilograms) on average. The smaller size of the car also the customers to have fast riding.

When Will It Be Launched?

This BMW 3 series will be shown on the public in October at the Paris Motor Show while the online reveal will apparently be available around the second half of September. However, you can’t expect to see the online review before a series of teasers provided.

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This car will be the most ideal choice for young professionals that do not only need a sports car for daily use but also upgrade their style. So, be ready for this new generation of the 3 series.