2021 BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition (625hp) - Sound & Visual Review!

bmw m8

BMW M8 Competition

2021 BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition (625hp) - Sound & Visual Review! - ladies and gentlemen this is your pilot speaking my name is ceno i hope you're having a great day and in today's episode we have the bmw's ultimate driving machine the m8 competition so sit back relax and enjoy. 

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the episode so what do we have here the most powerful bmw engine put into production a very sleek cooper-like roofline with carbon fiber roof truck mode drift mode switchable four wheel drive system with so many things this should be the tip of the iceberg right well

almost you see don't get me wrong it is a very very good system however it makes me ask some questions when you consider its starting base price tag of 165 000 euros for example the lack of four wheel steering from the lesser m850i and bmw says it is because they wanted to make the car as pure as natural to drive

i think it was more like because of the reason so they can save some money on it and they did by carrying it over from the m5 competition speaking of which this m8 is m5 in an 8 series body and it might be just me but i think that the rebranding of the 6 series into the 8 series in the last couple of years was a very very smart marketing trick that bmw used to make this car look more premium and ask a higher price tag for it being the best bmw yet

we should cover some of the specs this 4.4 liter twin turbo v8 monster comes with 625 horsepower and 750 newton meters and coupled to an eight-speed automatic exeter gearbox and all-wheel drive should make it good enough to sprint from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 3.1 seconds

bmw m8

weighing 1900 kilos we actually time this exact car in 3.1 seconds in a drug race against an amg gt63 so if you want to watch that video click the link down below and being m5 underneath means very good things

for example you get the two wheel drive switchable system that gives you the drift mode which is probably a lot of fun but also quite expensive on the tires and the insurance and second thing the few starvation issues from the m5 have been resolved another very important thing and i really like about the new bmws is that the higher you climb the model range

the more kit you get the standard not unlike some of its main competitors that will charge you everything even on their top of the line models and yes i'm talking to you audi and mercedes being an m car it gets whole special m suspension


not only the springs and the dumpers but also the main arms and a lot of underbody bracing before we move on to the interior i want to talk which spec you should and shouldn't spec about this car first and foremost will be the bmw laser light not only they add extra sharpness to the car with their amazing blue accents but also improve the nighttime visibility and the other option is the m drivers package you get your vmax unlock and a day in the

m driver performance academy in germany what i wouldn't expect is definitely the carbon ceramic brakes they're very expensive the normal ones work really really well and let's be honest how many of the owners are actually going to bring this car to a truck being the most expensive bmw on offer right now and competing against some of its main rivals in the gt segment like the mercedes s-class coupe and the bentley continental gt the interior of this m8 is slightly controversial

as well don't get me wrong it is really really good all the materials are extremely well made like the carbon fiber and the metal trim around the place the leather extremely soft the stitching just perfect and you get probably the best in class infotainment system the idrive 7 it is definitely now more complicated with more menus compared to the idrive 6 which was replaced recently however it is still a very easy and good

interface to be used but where my problem is with this car is that you can fully spec an entry level 1 series and you get almost the same layout and control as this m8 and this lack of personalization might be the reason to draw more customers over to the other brands the cabin is built very very well this gt offers loads of space in the front with limited amounts in the rear but where it is most important that it offers some very neat features that are shooting the car the character of this luxury car for example the heated door air center armrest and another really cool feature that i absolutely love are these

bright red m1 and m2 buttons which lets you configure your pre-selected driving modes and you can access them with a quick switch the first thing i have noticed when driving this u-spec m8 competition with opf filter or opf fitted to it is that it is very very quiet even with the flaps open and thanks to the new e-regulations now the pops and banks are gone too thankfully 

there are plenty of tuners that against some money will solve this issue without any problems an expensive heavy car such as this m8 competition that claims to be both very good on the track and on the road needs a very expensive software to keep you safe from crushing it and this one i can tell you works very very well except in two wheel drive where the esp is off and you're left alone with your own skills so i'd keep the car today in four wheel drive mode only a couple of months ago i've driven the m5 

competition and this m8 competition feels much sharper to drive mainly because if center of gravity being lower to the ground with 24 millimeters and you also get two very handy buttons down in the center console the one for the exhaust slabs and the second one called the mode which lets you toggle through different driving modes from road sport and truck so far so good but how this ultimate gt performs in the comfort department well i can tell you straight away the ride is positive but it's still very well 

composed on these uneven surfaces and road bumps in bulgaria and this is where the lesser superior more comfortable m850i might make more sense for you because it is more comfortable just as luxurious and it still has that illegally fast 530 horsepower 4.4 liter twin turbo v8 independently of which car you go for you won't make any bad choice thank you so much for watching guys if you made it that far to the video hit the subscribe button and i'm gonna see you on the next one oh yeah and i forgot about the viewing column in case you care well it's a lot